Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Kandy, Sri Lanka


It’s never ideal visiting a botanical garden when it’s grey and rainy so I suppose our experience was hampered before it even started but putting that aside, this is a beautiful botanical garden. I’m not green-fingered nor do I claim to know anything about different plants so I don’t know quite how to describe it other than to say it was full of colourful flowers and interesting plants. Won’t be winning any Booker prizes for that description but in some situations (like when you know no better), simplicity is the key and the pictures give you a better glimpse than any of my primitive descriptions would.


Besides plants, which one expects to see in a botanical garden, I was more intrigued by 2 other captivating findings: 1) The abundance of bats – I’ve never seen as many in one place as I did here; they hung eerily from the trees, adjacent to each other, appearing almost motionless, except for gentle movements with the wind, rather like paper chains on a classroom wall at Christmas time.


DSC_07822) The even more abundant presence of canoodling couples, skulking behind trees, staring into each others’ eyes longingly, drifting into an endless romantic lull. I don’t know whether the gardens have just evolved as the location of choice for amorous teenagers escaping their parents or whether one of the unnamed plants exhibits aphrodisiac properties but love was definitely in the air. In fact, it made me feel so old and married that I started moaning and grabbed Pumpkin’s hand, insistent on a hand-in-hand walk. I’m not sure it’s the same if you’re coercing your spouse into doing it!



3 thoughts on “Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Kandy, Sri Lanka

  1. been there,,lovely

  2. Rain can be quite a bummer in such gardens! We were stuck in rain in Plitvice in Croatia! We were lucky to perfect sunlight in Peradeniya….did you like the fig tree?

    1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) November 25, 2014 — 2:29 pm

      Oh I’ve heard a lot about Plitvice – I would love to visit myself one day! I think I remember the fig tree – it was lovely and it’s great to hear you had much brighter weather in Peradeniya. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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