Food at Kurumba & Mastering the Buffet

Dining at Kurumba

We opted for half board buffet breakfasts and dinner in the main restaurant and the food was tantalising to the taste buds. It seemed to me that most foods on offer were influenced by local, Indian, Sri Lanka, Oriental and Middle Eastern cuisines with of course a decent selection of European highlights.  Highlights included the light, airy, Maldivian Rotis (a bit different to the  firmer Indian ones that I have grown up with,) fennel and orange grilled fish and don’t even get me started on the Om Ali (a Middle Eastern take on bread and butter pudding) – I am totally converted to this puff-pastry and pistachio-laden superior and sought out the recipe soon after landing…….ok I’m a terrible liar – I looked it up just a day after eating it while lying on a sun lounger. Got to love Google, there for me in the midst of my recipe-related emergency. I digress. They also have an impressive selection of sushi, salads, some in adorable party-sized glasses. I found the beetroot and feta salad very moreish and wish I’d had space to try the pumpkin  (not my pumpkin)and fennel one.

Kurumba Maldives resort

Mastering the Buffet

The idea of space leads me on nicely to my next bug bear – how to work the buffet. I have never successfully managed this in the past. You inevitably either end up (1) getting carried away by the number of options available, trying some of everything, feeling disgustingly nauseated by the end of the meal or (2) you select 3 -4  main items for your plate which appeal the most. You end up pleasantly full but feel robbed of your chance to experiment in new flavours, safe in the knowledge that you may not have another chance with a daily changing menu.

Kurumba MaldivesI am not a believer in letting yourself indulge to excess just for the sake of it when away (particularly not if you’re averaging a trip every 9 weeks). For me personally, food is something to be enjoyed but our health is equally important and I believe the key to marrying up this divide while on holiday is salad…..No, I tell a lie. The real answer for me is moderation. Think CANAPES. I imagined that everything I wanted came in canapé-sized portions, NOT starter portions or small-plate portions, just canapes). This enabled me to try between 8-9 different dishes from the mains and starters and about 6 different samples of dessert items and by the end of the meal, I was satisfied, comfortable, delighted with the delectable range I had covered and still had space for a Virgin Passion Fruit Mojito). Happy belly, happy mind and happy me.

Beach Bar KurumbaKurumba houses an impressive selection of A La Carte restaurants including Japanese Tepanyaki restarant and a beautifully romantic ocean grill where your feet nestle in the evening sand (it’s the stuff of proposals). Half boarders can dine at these for 50% off but frankly, we were so enamoured by the quality of the food in the buffet restaurant that we remained loyal. Sadly, as a relative newbie on the blog scene, I have very little in the way of photos from this trip – I think I got so carried away with eating it that I forgot to photograph it! Apologies.

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