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It’s mid afternoon on a humid but golden day. I nip into the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. It’s cinnamon-infused with a just a trickle of honey. The spicy aroma has always called out to me – it must be the Asian blood in me.

It’s that time of day where lunch has been digested with conviction and I sneak in a small cookie before reaching for a tiny cake, hoping Pumpkin won’t notice my undisciplined sinning, the guilt of my indiscretion revealed in my transparent face. I never was any good at lying. His thirst is quenched with a neon explosion of fruity vitamins. He does well to maintain hydration on these sweltering days.

I wander into the garden. Such gleaming sunshine rarely filters through the quilts of grey cloud I’ve grown accustomed to over the years and any chance to enjoy it safely is one I seize…Kayumanis private pool villaYou may think I speak of those rare but perfect English summer days, that I describe to you today my routine in our cosy, little home in South East London.

This isn’t London.

But it does feel like home.Kayumanis private villa In fact, as I first write these words, I am nearly 8000 miles away from home at the luxurious Kayumanis Resort at Jimbaran Bay, Bali. The gardens I walk in are actually in our private pool villa, where lime green grass is strewn with pastel yellow blossoms, floating gracefully from above.private pool Kayumanis And the cakes weren’t from my local supermarket – they were served to us in the comfort of our villa on an elegant three-tiered stand with sandwiches and Balinese and Western desserts.

And most unbelievably, the afternoon tea is complimentary every single day! (Those of you who know me will understand how much glee this filled me with!) This is not the place to be dieting but it is the place to feel utterly pampered.complimentary high tea Kayumanis BaliAnd it isn’t just the tea you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home – all meals can be served there if you prefer that to the intimate hotel restaurant, Tapis. Even the relaxing spa treatments cane be arranged in your villa at no additional charge.

And as far as the sustenance needed to start your day, you won’t find batch-cooked, buffet breakfasts here – all dishes are freshly made to order with a focus on delicious flavour and attractive presentation akin to what you would expect to find in a fine dining establishment but without any of the time pressures! If you’re lying in or hungover, you can ring up at midday and they’ll graciously serve you brekkie then.DSC_1075 And you absolutely must not leave the property without trying their specialty breakfast item, the Kayumanis toast – a hearty and beautiful cinnamon French toast preparation. Are you wondering what the obsession with cinnamon is? (Unsubtle) hint: look up the translation of “Kayumanis” in English…Kayumanis toast breakfastAll you will want to do here is unwind. We sometimes get itchy feet if we are in a resort environment for too long and in our time in Ubud, we did a fair bit of exploring but here at Kayumanis, we did shamelessly little and for once, we were absolutely fine with that!spa treatments private villa Kayumanis If you’re only spending two days in a place as special as this, why on earth would you want to leave?! We stayed firmly put, enjoying our first ever in-room Balinese massages and exfoliating salt scrubs with the sounds of nature in the background

in-room private spa treatment KayumanisThe hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the mellow vibes of Jimbaran Beach, where swathes of peachy, coral hues engulf you at dusk but if you wish to venture further afield to the famous fish markets in Jimbaran or to see the sunset at Uluwatu temple, then you can either arrange this independently or with one of the hotel tours.sunset Jimbaran BayThe property comprises 19 one-two bedroom private poolside villas. We gasped in awe when we saw ours – I wanted to act all calm and collected but I just couldn’t contain my excitement and there’s absolutely no way I can squeeze in a mini guide of our villa into this post so stay tuned for more on that.Kayumanis private pool villa bedroomThis is easily the most luxurious place I’ve ever stayed but the Balinese people are too humble to brag about that. Instead, they focus on the philosophies that underpin a truly memorable stay – personalised service, spacious privacy and making you feel like you are at home. As far as luxury goes, they let their actions do the talking.pool vivew Kayumanis JimbaranThey wanted us to feel like family. They said it from the outset and they said it when we left. And you know, when I left that morning, I felt the same pangs of emotion you feel when you are saying goodbye to family, that sense of sadness and hoping you will see those smiling, affectionate faces one day again soon.

Practical Points for Visiting Kayumanis Resorts, Bali

  • Kayumanis have four properties in Bali, located in Ubud, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Sanur
  • Properties in Ubud and Nusa Dua are adult only
  • All resorts are set out in private villa style
  • Free shuttle services are available from Jimbaran to local areas such as the markets, to Nusa Dua and to Dempasar airport
  • As far as high-end properties go and the accommodation and services you get for your money here, this is one of the best value luxury hotels I’ve ever stayed in
  • Stay tuned for plenty more details about the inside of the villa coming soon…

Have you ever found a hotel that you simply didn’t want to leave?! I’d love to hear your luxury hotel experiences from around the globe.


Disclaimer: We received complimentary spa treatments and a traditional Indonesian meal for review purposes but as ever, I remain an opinionated little travel blogger and all views, good or bad, are entirely my own.