Casablanca Hotel – A Cosy Times Square Hideaway

There is something wholly rewarding about finding a pocket of peace in a city of dreams – a nostalgic sentiment akin to scouring the beach in childhood, running your tiny fingers through grainy sands in pursuit of a seashell jackpot.

And I’m not talking about that City of Dreams, not the Hollywood-hills boasting, La La Land humming city of dreams. It’s the other one that fills my thoughts, the concrete jungle where dreams are made, the city of dreams that doubles up as my dream city. Four times in my adult life, I have found myself in New York City; four times, I have parked up in the Midtown and Times Square regions. Touristy, crowded and cliché? Perhaps. But for me, it’s where New York feels most alive and most far removed from my own city.

Hotels near Times Square

Shamelessly dripping in neon slogans and banners, panoramic LCD screens capture the wealth of capitalist culture that surrounds them, as a mesh of stationary yellow taxis, push down on their horns, out-competing each other with the decibels of their impatience. The camera-wielding, wide-eyed visitors see past this, incessantly clicking to frame the quintessential New York taxi shot. I am one of them but like me, there are many. This is Times Square.

Times Square New York February

I smile at the irony that time is so boundless in a destination, which takes the name, Times Square. Days roll into nights, nights back into day in a perpetuating loop of gripping magnetic energy, only distinguished by nature’s light patterns. In this micro-cosm that permits souvenir shopping and cupcake consumption at 1am, I smile at the fanciful notion of jumping out of my pyjamas in the dark of night to hop outside for a mini red velvet and a mini smores.

For two days, that possibility is my reality.

Times Square Hotels Casablanca

Casablanca Hotel, Times Square

Nestled between the chaos and mayhem of Times Square lies a miniature sanctuary of relative silence, concealed behind an unassuming facade on a Midtown side street. I find myself within the movie-come-Moroccan-themed walls of Casablanca Hotel, a charming boutique hotel inspired by the eponymous 1940s film, where I have been invited to stay at the start of my trip. It lies moments away from Times Square and when I say moments, I mean step out of the hotel and look immediately to your right.

Casablanca hotel new york blog review

Contrary to our expectations, our sleep that first night is still. Far from the piercing NYPD sirens and clusters of merry voices I had imagined, I discover that only my own circadian swings will rouse me in the early hours. Perhaps I was exhausted from the anxiety of my first international journey alone in twelve years, the worry about whether I would even make the flight on time; or maybe the walls of the of the hotel were soundproofed to perfection, I don’t know. One way or another, though, my first sleep in NYC is a deep one, the fuel of rest I need for the flurry of fun that lies ahead.

Where to stay in New York City

Hours earlier, we had gazed through the window of the airport transfer coach that brought us to Bryant Park, a short walk from Casablanca Hotel. Swathes of sunset hue spilled down onto skyscrapers and night was falling in New York City but what I lacked in cheesy photos, I more than made up for in actual cheese.

The Daily Cheese and Wine Reception

Sunset, it emerged, coincided with the daily cheese and wine reception at Casablanca – three full hours of cheese and wine on offer for all hotel guests but a couple of small plates sufficed for us, as we saved valuable stomach space for our first dinner in the city.Streaky blue, smoked Dutch and mature cheddar vied for our appetites, as wine and champagne flowed freely and the dichotomy was clear to see – he dabbled in most of the wine whilst I consumed most of the cheese.

Over cubes of cheese and the crunch of crudites, we familiarised ourselves with the cosy, rustic qualities of Rick’s bar. Tomorrow, it will evolve into the breakfast room and at almost all other hours, it will serve as the emergency cookie and tea room, where hotel guests like us wander in at midnight, munch on cookies and sip on cups of chamomile after 13 hour days on foot exploring New York.

Cheese wine evenings library hotel collection

Casablanca Hotel Breakfasts

When I return home to England and a few weeks go by, I will look back on these breakfasts at Rick’s bar, where the welcoming waitresses smile at me, as I rummage indecisively between mini pastries and boxes of American cereals, interrupting me briefly to offer “hot oatmeal with different toppings or bagels, for example lox bagels.”

Rick's Bar Casablanca Hotel

I will regret not tasting that bagel when I am back on home soil but in the moment, we resist our bagel urges, marred still by the memory of the weight gain that afflicted us on our first visit together to New York. It took the best part of a year losing the extra pounds all those years ago and we are mindful that a heavy breakfast is a dangerous strategy when we have a full day of New York food consumption ahead of us. With this, we stick to our bowls of fruit and the lox bagels are added to the ever-lengthening list of things we save for our next visit.

Best hotels Times Square New York City

Casablanca Hotel Bedrooms

Not up for unpacking just yet, I distract myself from my jet lag with one final creamy sliver of Brie at the cheese and wine reception, before taking the lift up to our new abode. For a Times Square property, I am pleased to find a relatively spacious room, even if the bathroom feels a little squishier in comparison. In this big cities, the bath tub and slouchy robes comes as a surprise luxury but with a location as buzzing as Times Square, we are much too busy exploring to indulge in such comforts. The amber tones of the room somewhat interfere with my photography plans but transport me back to a collection of special trips and priceless moments.

Casablanca hotel NYC bedrooms

Flashbacks of my wedding day strike me, as I lift the corners of the patterned, crimson throw, freckled with gilded fabric plaques and reminiscent of the Indian bridal attire I spent so long browsing a few years ago in a New Delhi bridal boutique. The shutters fly me back to the riads of Marrakech, where Pumpkin had taken me on a similar February birthday a few years ago and the orange and sandalwood toiletries evoke some of the aromas that ebb and flow through the mysterious souks.

It is a hotel with so many of the amenities and services that make a hotel – a concierge and bellman, a turndown service with Belgian pillow chocolates that we leap on possessively, painfully aware of our mutual penchant for the cocoa bean and all its facets. And yet, when we are wrapped up in the warmth of Rick’s bar, mug of tea in hand and reading the daily papers, I had the strangest desire to get into my pyjamas and curl up under a blanket, rather like I do in my own living room.

Hotels with a great location New York

London is home. It has been for half my life but whenever I am on these streets of New York City, I feel like I belong. Here’s hoping that never changes.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to the Library Hotel Collection for hosting our stay in NYC with a partial complimentary stay and partial media rate stay. All views are my own.


10 thoughts on “Casablanca Hotel – A Cosy Times Square Hideaway

  1. Looks like a lovely stay! I wouldn’t have been able to say no to a bagel!

    1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) March 28, 2019 — 9:53 pm

      I definitely regretted that bit when I got home Angie! But yes, was a lovely stay right in the heart of it all!

  2. Looks like a cute little place, and lovely to see somewhere central that’s nice and quiet! I’ll keep this in mind for when I finally venture back to NYC. Such a great city! x

    1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) March 28, 2019 — 9:55 pm

      Isn’t it the best?! It’s one of those cities I’ll never tire of visiting I think. And honestly, I never imagined that a hotel right in the middle of somewhere as busy as Times Square could be either so peaceful or so charming and boutique – just goes to show huh?!

  3. This hotel sounds absolutely perfect! Wine and cheese a happy bonus.

    1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) March 28, 2019 — 9:56 pm

      Oh my goodness Danielle, one thing my waistline did not need during a week long stay in the US was a daily complimentary cheese reception! But such a lovely little touch for a hotel slap bang in the heart of busy Times Square.

  4. This sounds like a perfect getaway. Love the idea of cheese evenings and knots and crosses. The fact that you are so near the hustle and bustle yet can get away for some relaxing time is amazing

    1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) March 28, 2019 — 9:58 pm

      That’s the contrast that I found most intriguing and charming about Casablanca Neha. I always think to myself “next time, I’ll stay further out when I visit” but I’m just addicted towards being in the heart of the hustle and bustle but never say never I suppose!

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