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Indecision is an energy-sapping and highly time-consuming malady, one which I am frequently afflicted by. Whether it has served me well to over-analyse every one of life’s important (and trivial) choices is up for debate but when I’m standing at a sandwich counter for twenty minutes because I just can’t make my lunch selection, that’s when I wish I was that wee bit more decisive.

My favourite travel photo

When Kelly got in touch asking me to ponder over my favourite travel photo for this month’s travel blog link up, you can imagine how engorged the rivers of ditheriness became. It was bank breaking. And I’m not talking about money.Β  Where on earth do I possibly start? Favourite country? Can’t decide that. Favourite sight? Can’t decide that either. Favourite photo? Nope. 3rd time unlucky.romantic beach lunch Brrezes resort Zanzibar

So I thought about some of my favourite moments instead and I carved ever deeper into my subconscious to remember some of the days that left me feeling as fuzzy as a wild dandelion. And a few musings later, unsurprisingly, honeymoon memories bubbled up from that box in my grey matter labelled ‘Africa’, the one I cherish so deeply.

A Romantic Beach Lunch at Breeze’s Beach Club, Zanzibar

This photo was taken on the marshmallow-soft, dove-white sands of the Breezes Beach Club Resort. Twigs, bamboo and palm leaves were interwoven to form a shady gazebo with exotic and illuminating flowers marking the contours like a child’s felt-tip pen. The eternally smiley staff spent a couple of hours erecting it prior to our lunch.

We had opted for one seafood platter with fresh lobster fit for a king and one vegetarian platter with generous chunks of mixed vegetables and paneer, highlighting the influence of Indian flavours in Zanzibari cuisine.beach lunch seafood vegetarian platter Zanzibar

We ate lunch with our feet cocooned in the sand and our palms interlocked. The low tide kept us dry but the breeze that lends its name to the resort was palpable. The private lunch left us feeling pampered on a stretch of coastline untouched with the exception of one couple passing by, transiently turning their heads with curiosity. flowers palm leaves gazeboWhen we returned to the beach that evening for the final time before flying home to start our new married lives, the gazebo was gone with no evidence of its existence. Was it all a figment of our imagination? It was certainly the stuff of dreams. But that’s where technology asserts its role and two matrimonial years later, the photos give our memories the clarity to live out those idyllic moments once more.