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Ever been so overwhelmed by a prospect that you’ve cowered away in a corner of denial to avoid the reality of dealing with it? Before you click onto that hostile cross hovering at the edge of your screen, fearing this to be one of those heavy-hearted, doom and gloom posts, worry not. Today’s post is a happy one, as I have no intentions of being miserable when the weather is doing such a fine job on my behalf.

Until I started this blog, travelling was my favourite way of spending my free time and now I have a blog, it competes forcefully with my other great passion – writing about travel. Predictable much? You can therefore rest assured that there’s plenty of travel coming your way in today’s post but why, then, did I start it off with such melodramatics?

Travel Bloggers London Why Waste Annual Leave

The truth is, I was so overwhelmed by all the ideas colliding together in my head that I almost shied away from participating. Do I try to summarise my favourite cities or skyline views? Do I reminisce about my favourite wildlife experiences abroad? Do I talk to you about the loveliest coastlines or wax lyrical about my favourite tours? (How would I even choose between that special day tour in Bali, the classic vintage car tour in Cuba, the creative street art tour in Buenos Aires or the exquisite food tours unravelling the best culinary highlights in Ljubljana and hidden foodie gems in Marrakech?)

Ultimately, I decided to go back to basics and remembered something that I do at work. When faced with toddlers who REALLY don’t want their ears looked into, one has to deploy some lateral thinking and be armed with some tricks. My method is to gently tell the littl’uns that we’re going to play a game to guess what colour their ears are (not entirely inaccurate incidentally) and I then proceed to ask them what their favourite colour is (temporarily distracting them). The answers are hardly revolutionary, a handful of pinks, a cluster of blues and the occasional child, who surprises  you with an unexpected silver or yellow. Children are persistently being asked about their favourite colour and rarely do they have any trouble answering.

rainbow Reykjavik Iceland

Rainbows in Iceland

My 5 Favourite Travel Colours from Around the GLobe

And that’s when it hit me, my favourite travel moments of all time, the ones that magnetically pull me back towards a destination, the ones that my family are probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about and the ones that generate the kind of photos you never imagined you’d have in your possession, all of those memories involve colour and I thought I would bring you 5 of my  favourite travel colours from around the world.


The soothing, turquoise waters of the Maldives are so unimaginably still that they must surely have healing prowess and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, this entirely unedited snapshot from its paradise shores may perhaps ring a bell.

Kurumba Maldives beach

Paradise Beaches in The Maldives

And thousands of miles away, the following year, whilst practising my Spanish in Cuba, I would find that the saturated blue skies in Varadero, Cuba lend an equally competitive hue to the sea and inviting pools.

luxury all-inclusive resort Varadero

Royalton HIcacos, Cuba

varadero beach royal hicacos

Varadero, Cuba


When it comes to my likes and desires, I am the proverbial leopard that never changes its spots. As a child, I conformed to all those gender stereotypes of the little girl always liking anything pink and a few decades on, little has changed if my awe-struck wonderment during this pink Seychelles sunset on Praslin island was anything to by.

pink sunset Seychelles island Praslin

A Seychelles Sunset

When it comes to being drawn to colour, I am the moth to the flame (spot the metaphor-loving going on in this post.) The small island of Burano near Venice was the kind of rainbow paradise that I imagine fairytale and cartoon heroes must reside in when they finally make the arduous voyage to heaven. With row upon row of vivid, psychedelic colourful houses, you start to question if your drink was spiked somewhere en route.

pink house Burano

A vibrant pink house, Burano

And in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the few cities in the world where I could genuinely see myself living, even the President’s Office is housed in the warming Pink House, more commonly known as Casa Rosada.

Casa Rosada Buenos Aires Pink House

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires

And still on my wish list is the longing to see the famous pink sands of Bermuda shores.


Green to me is the global peace-keeper uniting nations all over the world with its harvest and spring properties encompassing everything from the rolling hills in England to UNESCO listed Jatulawih rice terraces in Bali, whose rhythmic uniformity yields an almost hypnotic character.

Jatulawih Rice Fields UNESCO Bali

Jatulawih Rice Terraces, Bali

In Sri Lanka, almost everywhere I went, I was reminded of how green and lush the environment is with the aerial views from Sigiriya rock revealing nothing but green forests merging into the horizon.

Sigiriya rock view from top

Views from Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

And in the raised terrains of the Nuwara Eliya Sri Lankan tea plantations, we acquired relief  from the tropical heat and of course, a wholesome cup of Ceylon tea.

Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka tea plantation


After being fare more familiar with Europe’s snowcapped icy mountain peaks such as the Matterhorn in Switzerland and the Sound of Music slopes in Salzburg, I was rather taken by the strokes of teracotta soil embedded within the reaches of the Atlas Mountains during a visit to Morocco earlier this year.

Atlas Mountains Morocco

One of my most cherished memories of this orange/red, auburn-esque colour was the first sight of the intelligent orangutans in Borneo and the way all visitors harmonised into a unified silence as these orangutans foraged for their lunch.

Sepilok Sabah orangutan rehab centre Borneo

The orangutans in Borneo

Borneo also happens to be one of the few destinations in the world that is home to the Rafflesia flower, frequently cited as the largest flower in the world and Indonesia’s official state flower. These spectacular flowers can grow up to 3 feet wide and are most definitely not the types of floral you would want to be presented with on a first date!

Rafflesia largest Flower Borneo

The Rafflesia Flower


Not usually a shade I particularly have any inclination towards, there is something about the purity of white seen in the context of travel that has me questioning whether this is in fact my favourite colour of all when it comes to seeing the world.

Bavaria tour winter village

Snow-capped Bavaria

Contrary to what many imagine, England (or at least London) doesn’t often see the kind of velvety, white snow days seen on adverts for winter warmers. Occasionally when we do, my Mum is the first in the garden clicking away to send photos of the coated tree branches to our relatives abroad but my postcard perfect snow moment was found in Germany a couple of years ago in a small village in Bavaria.

Bavarian village snow

A snowy day in Bavaria, Germany

The pristine clarity of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina remains the most astounding sight I have come across on my travels and also happens to be the furthest South I have ever travelled. In some lights, its flawless white was tinted with blue tips but regardless of the colour, every detail of this Patagonian beauty remains etched in my memory.

Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

During the same trip, we explored the Iguazu Falls, both from the Brazilian and Argentinian sides and if you have already visited these waterfalls or other similar, magnificent waterfalls, then you will understand how hard it is to fully appreciate the vehement ferocity of these falls until you stand face to face with them.

Iguazu Falls view from Brazil

Iguazu Falls

Of all the words I can conjure up to describe Iguazu, peaceful is not one of them. The cathartic sound of the numbed roar of the falls perhaps has a peaceful quality but it was the force, beauty and number of these waterfalls that struck me the most .

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the absolute must-sees in Abu Dhabi, however, was a white laid out in total contrast. No sounds of nature, no sounds of water but rather the sound of spirituality and religion, a place of peace and shelter.

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractionmosque view Ritz Carlton Grand Canal

Have you ever been struck by colour during your travels? What is your favourite travel colour?

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